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ITS Business & Finance Brokers Group is founded early 1989 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The various group companies are considered and recognized as experienced and professional finance brokers, which is our core business. In more than 20 years the group provided capital to many U.S.A. and Europe based companies, which are active in various branches of industry, like fishing industry, off-shore industry, container and harbour industry, hi-tech industry, commercial real estate and hotels. We organize and arrange various types of capital to our clients for their investments or projects, and co-operate with investments banks, participation companies and/or informal investors.


Due to our international network and experience we are also specialised in selecting a business partner for clients to either acquire or sell investments, projects and assets.












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"Our mission is simple:    provide capital to our clients" 

Quote CEO Henk J. Turksema

ITS Business & Finance 

       Brokers Group